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Features Nickle-Plated brass body and PBT body. stainless steel tube gripping claws, collars and release sleeves(collets) offer a quick hold and release mechanism to provide a low disconnection force for easy removal of the tubing. Oval and round shape of release sleeve are available. Three colors on the release sleeve, blue, black and gray. Specifications Fluid Admitted Air, Vacuum, Water (no freezing) Working Pressure 0—1.0MPa | 0—150psi Proof Pressure 3.0Mpa | 435psi Negativ...

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Corpus aereum corpus PBT Nickle INARGENTATUS.

Diver tubo tenaci unguibus purpureis manicas dimittam (collets) offeret velox machina remissionis et tenuit manum facilem praebere disconnection humili sublata Tubing.

Ovalis release sleeve de figura et circum sunt available.

Tribus coloribus in release sleeve, hyacintho, griseo nigrum.


Liquor fatebatur

Aeris, Vacuum, aquae (immensis avidos satiate)

working Pressure

0-1.0MPa | 0-150psi

Pressio probationem

3.0Mpa | 435psi

negative pressura

-100Kpa | In -29,5 Aggaei

working Temperature

0-60 ° F | CXL ~ XXXII ° F

Lorem tube

PU / PA / AC / PVC


De re metrica tur tube
4MM 5mm 6mm 7mm 8mm 9mm 10mm 12mm 14mm 15mm 16mm
Fistulam formula Unciæ oD
1/8 " 5/32 " 3/16 " 1/4 " 5/16 " 3/8 " 1/2 "
Post Type and Latin
R: oblongam PT: BSPT - LV ° Taper Pipe Thread De re metrica Thread
Quo R1 / VIII Quo R1 / IV R3 / VIII Quo R1 / II M5x0.8


M8x1 M10x1 M12x1.25 M14x1.5 M16x1.5 M20x1.5

Tube (De re metrica) -Thread (R)

Tube (inch) -Thread (R)

Tube (inch) -Thread (NTP)


PKD1 / 4-5 / XXXII-N01



PKD1 / 4-5 / XXXII-N02



PKD5 / 16-1 / IV-N02



PKD3 / 8-5 / N03 XVI,





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